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Become a Subscriber, Win a Prize

March 28, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

Subscribe to and win a prize! With Opening Day only a week away, I’m in a generous mood and looking to give away free goodies. The only way to enter is by subscribing to our daily e-mail feed that will send you an update each morning with our latest content.  Simply enter your e-mail address in the sidebar where it says “Sign Up For Email Updates,” then hit the “Subscribe” button. Sometime this month I’ll draw e-mail addresses out of a hat and award a free t-shirt, mouse pad, or set of coasters to a handful of lucky subscribers.

To see what you might win if your e-mail address is pulled, check out our online store.


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  1. Bob Perkins says:

    Why is Josh Gibson being credited with the highest single season batting average of .441 when Chino Smith batted ,451 in 1929. He did it in the American Negro league which is now regarded as major and his 240 at bats are more than Gibson’s.

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