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It Is Easy to Tell How Much Sparky Lyle Loves Managing and the Atlantic League

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It only takes a few minutes with Sparky Lyle to understand how much the Somerset manager thinks of the Atlantic League.  It is equally impressive that the 65-year-old, who was a major league star as early as the late 1960s, still has fire in his belly for his job, which has to be part of the reason the Patriots have won the last two league championships and five overall.

“I love it,” was the onetime closer’s to the point reply when I asked him one day recently about his continued affection for managing.  “We knew when the league started it would succeed.  I tell guys unless you are in the major leagues this is the best ball you will see in a while.”

Lyle adds his name to others who believe more and more players and agents are realizing that once released by a major league system the Atlantic League is a very good option because they can be available to all 30 major league organizations.  “Without this league, where would they play,” said the man whose magic left arm saved 238 games in the majors long before the game changed to a point where 40 or 50-save seasons are very common for top closers.

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10 RBI in Three Games for Vet Daryle Ward

The best candidate to end up the first week of the season looking like Mr. Ideal would seem to be Newark’s Daryle Ward.  The 34-year-old with more major league games (948) than minor league contests (796) drove in 10 runs in the Bears’ first three games against Camden.  The lefty hitter, who has been with six National League teams, went 8-for-13 (.615) with a double and two homers.

Atlantic Leaguers Go Back to Back

Brian Stavisky and Brandon Pinckney put on what could be called an all-Pennsylvania show over the weekend.  Stavisky, who formerly played for Lancaster, and Pinckney, who had been at York, hit back to back home runs in a game in Reading.  They play in Philadelphia’s farm system.

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