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Steinbrenner’s legacy: Winning and entertainment

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George Steinbrenner passed away today at the age of 80. Although he hasn’t been running the Yankees for some time now, his legacy will always be remembered. From 1973-2010, Steinbrenner created and maintained the most successful franchise in sports, and it was never done without some entertainment.

In the 37 years under Steinbrenner, the Yankees had just six losing seasons. They won 100 or more games eight times and 90 or more games 11 times, and won the division 16 times.

The Yankees went to the playoffs 19 times under Steinbrenner, winning the pennant 11 times. They were champions seven times.

The managing situation was never a pretty scene in New York. Steinbrenner fired Billy Martin five times, and only two Yankee managers were able to maintain their role for more than two consecutive seasons. Those two managers were Joe Torre (1996-2007) and Buck Showalter (1992-1995).

Steinbrenner’s hands on ownership made him one of the most controversial figures in baseball, earning him the nickname “The Boss.”

In 1985, Steinbrenner reached the height of his controversy by calling out Dave Winfield for his bad performance in a key series against the Toronto Blue Jays. His comments would cause Ken Griffey, Jr. to list the Yankees as a team he would never play for.

In 1990, Steinbrenner was banned from baseball for paying a gambler $40,000 to dig up dirt on Winfield who sued Steinbrenner for failing to pay his foundation the $300,000 his contract guaranteed.

Steinbrenner was reinstated in 1993, and would continue his stint as the most successful owner in sports history. Although his style of ownership will forever be criticized, we can all agree that he will be missed, and the New York Yankees will never be the same without him.

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