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Search for Pitching Continues

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While it is still a bit early to make too many judgments about the second half of the Atlantic League season, one can be certain the six teams still in search of postseason berths will constantly monitor their pitching.  Do we have enough?  Starters?  Relievers?  Who might be available?

      At least three former major leaguers are being given a look, but the verdict is out on each of them.

      Lancaster has added Rick Bauer, but he had struggled at Long Island (3-9, 5.49).  Manager Tom Herr liked what he had seen in Bauer’s two starts against the Barnstormers (nine hits, five runs in 13 innings). Bridgeport will feel somewhat better about its starting corps to go along with its muscular offense if Dan Serafini can contribute as a replacement for Patrick Ryan, who has moved on to the Boston Red Sox organization.  The verdict is not yet in despite a win Thursday night because he has allowed eight earned runs in 13 innings his last two outings.  Long Island got a little encouragement when Kip Wells gave the Ducks three decent innings (three hits, three walks, one earned run) in his first start.  But this shows finding replacement arms is not easy this time of year.

Pulsipher Adds Coaching to His Pitching Talent

      A longtime Atlantic League—and major league—pitcher has been in the news this week because he was declared a free agent in the independent Golden League through a loophole when the Yuma (AZ) Scorpions were late with paychecks.

      Bill Pulsipher, at one time a highly coveted up-and-comer with the New York Mets and a lefty who has had four different stints at Long Island, was both the pitching coach and a starter for Yuma.  The southpaw, who turns 37 in October, was the topic for a lengthy feature by The Yuma Sun newspaper’s Edward Carifio, not only because of the contract snafu but also because of Pulsipher’s ongoing battle with a general anxiety disorder which played a big role in the hotshot prospect’s loss of control.

      “I want to be around the game, I want to help people out,” Pulsipher told The Sun. “I think I’ve learned a lot through my trials and tribulations—my successes and failures…”  The 6-foot-3 hurler leaves no doubt of the fact he still needs medicine, said to be Paxil.  “I take medicine to this day when I pitch,” Pulsipher told Carifico.  “I have to every day.  I’m still a pitcher, and I know if I don’t take my medication, my anxiety level goes up, and the next thing you know I’ll start walking guys.”

      Pulsipher hopes to continue pitching this season, and to be coaching in the long run, so he can continue to help young hurlers.


This ‘n That

      First-half Liberty Division champion Southern Maryland has not lost more than two games in a row since May 22…Tom Cochran (Lancaster) had his string of starts in which he had allowed no more than two earned runs end at eight when he gave up three runs in 5.1 innings in a no-decision Thursday.  The lefty is 7-3, 2.47 for Cincinnati’s Double-A Carolina club…Nelson Figueroa (Long Island) has been designated for assignment again by Philadelphia, despite the fact he has not allowed an earned run in his last 8.1 innings, and is 2-1, 3.46 for 13 games this season…Steve Palazzolo, also a right-handed pitcher who had been signed out of Southern Maryland before he played any games, has been released by the Seattle organization…Former Atlantic League Manager Wayne Krenchicki has been let go as manager of the Evansville (IN) Otters of the independent Frontier League…Philadelphia keeps bouncing former York sparkplug Keoni DeRenne around as a utility man in four different leagues with him currently at Reading with a combined .308 batting average for 29 games.

         (These are excerpts from the Atlantic League Notebook.  Subscriptions to the full Notebook are available via or  Bob Wirz also writes a weekly column, the Independent Baseball Insider, as well as a blog, The author has 16 years of major league baseball public relations experience with Kansas City and as chief spokesman for two Commissioners and lives in Stratford, CT.)



2 Responses to “Search for Pitching Continues”
  1. Mark Ahrens says:

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the Independent League writeup…

    Fellow Seamhead here. I live in Milford, CT and will heading out to Harbor Yard stadium see the Bluefish play over one of the next several days. I am hoping to see Wily Mo smack a tape measure dinger off the bricks of the baseketball arena in left field.



  2. Mark Ahrens says:

    Well I spoke too soon on my hope to see Wily Mo Pena. I just read on MLB Trade Rumors that the big fella has been picked up by San Diego to give them more pop (potentially) in their lineup.

    I have always like Wily Mo (even when he disappointed me with my Nationals) and wish him the best.


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