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“DL Rocks the Motor City” or “For the Love of our Maggs”

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What a rough week for the Motor City Kitties!  Three key veteran players all hit the DL within one week;  3rd baseman Brandon Inge – fractured hand (4-6 weeks), Carlos Guillen – tight calf muscle (15 day DL), and Magglio Ordonez – fractured ankle (6-8 weeks).  Forced to make adjustments to keep players on the field, the Tigers brass had no other option but to bring up some kittens from the Mudhens to come play in their places.  This now presents the Tigers as one of, if not the youngest team in baseball – 8 rookie position players currently on the 25 man roster and possibly more to come.  Having gone 3-8 since the all star break this does not bode well for a team that is in contention for first place in the AL Central. 
Trades are very unlikely at this juncture considering the number of injuries that abound and the number of holes that will need to be filled quickly.  If it was just one player, possibly two on the DL, trades would be a viable option to improve the club and fulfill the Tigers perceived “win now not later” mentality.  However, with 3 veterans out and a slew of great upcoming talent, its not worth selling or trading away the future to help in the present with a few misguided trades that could send the Tigers back in to payroll oblivion.  What is a Tiger fan to do?  Throw up your hands, shake your head and say – well, next year…
OK, now that I have dealt with my minor… OK I’m lying – major mood altering bout of depression about the loss of my beloved Magglio Ordonez to the dreaded DL, its time to deal with the reality of the situation and set down some projections.  Here is my optimum turnout for the situation that the Tigers have at hand concerning my boy Maggs and his future with the Detroit Tigers:
Magglio will not have enough at bats or plate appearances to automatically trip his contract extension for 2011 – $15 million is coming off the books and Magglio will be considered a free agent at the end of this season.  Personally I find this crushing.  I don’t want to see Maggs play for any other team – it would break my cold, hard aching heart.  Best case scenario in my world is that the Tigers offer to pick up that $15 million payday for 2011 based solely on his past history of production with the team (2006 World Series run, 2007 Batting Champion) and what he managed to accomplish this season in the first half (he was on par for a season that could have garnered him a come back player of the year award at the very least with my projected season totals to be .315 BA, 25 HR, 115 RBI). 
Maggs has stated previously to the media that he would like to play for 4 more “good” years.  If the Tigers pick up his option regardless of the requirements met to trip automatically – one more season at $15 million than leave the door open to negotiate a new contract with his baseball life sucking agent Scott Boras for a lower payday could keep him in Detroit till his desired 40 years of age.  Most likely this will be in the DH role as he is only 13 HR shy of 300 and he achieved 2,500 career RBI’s and 2,000 career hits already.  His outfield skills are slowing down and he really isn’t worth a $15 million payday anymore (case and point reference – Jim Thome’s and David Ortiz’s fielding status, plate stats and current paydays). 
Maggs has made his money and his fans in Detroit don’t want to see him go.  They just want to see his payroll crippling salary leave.  In recent history, Maggs has set up a yearly scholarship for graduates in Southwest Detroit for college assistance and also donated $200,000 and lent his name to the refurbishing of a multiple field neighborhood lot in Detroit.  These are not the signs of a player that is ready to shuffle off to another team and fade into obscurity.  These are the actions of a man who is comfortable where he is and enjoys helping the community that he plays in.  By setting up these lengthy investments it demonstrates that he is committed to the Greater Detroit area for the long haul of his career.  I think he realizes his marquee status is gone and its time to play for love of the game, not for love of the paycheck. One can only hope that he can convince Mr. Boras and the Tigers that he wants to stay put as a Tiger until he hangs up the bat.  I’m pretty sure that there isn’t a Tigers fan out there that would not welcome him back with open arms, as long as the paycheck is lighter.

Get well soon my Maggs… see you in September!

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