September 23, 2021

A Cautionary Note

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I’ve been thinking about this topic for a bit, but before I could write about it Brian Burwell, for once, beat me to it.  There’s been a lot of optimism out of the sweep of Cincinnati, as well there should be.  However, I’m not sure we can say this team has turned the corner and the division is ours just yet.

This team has fooled us in the past, showing fire and life, just to then slide back down the division.  An eight game winning streak followed by losing four out of five.  A stretch where the offense puts up 6+ runs followed by a run-scoring drought.  How can we be sure this week is any different?

Sure, every part of the team seemed to be working during their trip in Cincinnati.  Were they more focused because of where they are in the season, something that might linger?  Or were they focused on beating Brandon Phillips?  Rage passes and if that was their fuel, they’ll be running on empty soon.

The Cardinals were also able to throw both of their aces and their Rookie of the Year candidate at the Reds.  Can the team continue to click with Jake Westbrook and Kyle Lohse on the hill?  The starting pitcher can set the tone for the game, so if Lohse comes in and gets behind hitters, what is that going to do for the team as a whole?

It really did look like the Cardinal team that we’ve been expecting in Cincinnati, but being that I’ve proclaimed corners turned before, I want to see how they do in this homestand against the Cubs, the Brewers and the Giants before I get really excited.

Cards face a young pitcher they’ve never faced before when the Cubs send Thomas Diamond to the mound tonight.  Diamond, who was part of the vaunted DVD trio of himself, Edison Volquez and John Danks a few years ago in the Texas Rangers system, hasn’t had the success of his counterparts.  He’s only had two starts in the bigs, and while he struck out 10 Brewers in his debut, Cincinnati roughed him up the last time he was out there.  Anything the Reds can do the Cards can do better, right?

Jake Westbrook again tries for his first Cardinal win.  He’s pitched very well in both of his starts, with more strikeouts than usual for him.  Whether Dave Duncan has tweaked his delivery (which would be the first time Duncan’s had a pitcher strike out more) or there is some unfamiliarity with him from National League hitters.  Either way, it’s not likely to last, but it is nice while it does.  I’m sure he’ll enjoy being part of his first Cards/Cubs game, as well.

We’ll see starting tonight if that team that appeared in Cincinnati got on the plane for St. Louis.  If that’s the case, the next seven weeks could be a lot of fun.

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