August 1, 2021

Take Me Back to Texas, Please!

October 29, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Josh Hamilton said he could smell the early voting on Proposition 19 wafting in from the San Francisco bleachers all night long. What was I thinking? Juan Uribe hasn’t played like this in years. Edgar Renteria looks like he is 19 again and Cody Ross is playing like he is on something.  The explanation was as clear as a doctor’s scrawl at the bottom of a prescription pad.

So far the 2010 World Series has been a Magical Mystery Tour.  The pitching duel of the 21st century, Cliff Lee versus Tim Lincecum, was a 11-7 win for the Giants with 25 hits for both teams as well as six errors.  Even the score was upside down.

Then in Game Two C.J. Wilson and Matt Cain were locked in a fine exhibition of baseball at its best when the Giants lit up the Texas bullpen like it was a blunt on Market Street. Can this World Series be saved?

No doubt Josh Hamilton and the Rangers cannot wait for their plane to touch down in Arlington. It can only help for the Texas Rangers to get their collective feet back on terra ferma. George Bush will be throwing out the first pitch for Game Four, so maybe this time machine can get dialed back to the current day.  But Jonathan Sanchez has been un-hittable since Labor Day and almost as good as Matt Cain in the playoffs. The momentum will be hard to turn around.

Colby Lewis will introduce the Giants to Texas and maybe he is just the answer for the Rangers.  After all, it seemed like he stepped out of a time machine back in the spring when he returned from Japan. Maybe the advantage will finally shift to Texas with the DH in order.

It has been a while since a World Series provided any drama, since a team bounced back after going down two games to none.  In 2001 the Yankees bounced back against the Diamondbacks to win three games, only to have Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson close the series out in Arizona.  The last time a team spotted the opponent two games and came back to win was in 1996 when the Yankees lost the first two to the Braves and stormed back to win behind David Cone, Andy Pettitte and Jimmy Key.

The big action now in New York City is the musical “Hair,” playing as a smash hit on Broadway. What would make more sense anyway after watching the last two games in San Francisco than a little Age of Aquarius. Tim Lincecum will be singing the lead role on Monday night and Doc Ellis will be pitching for the Rangers.

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