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Stan Musial Day

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Today, we set aside deadlines and contracts and negotiations.  Today, we set aside forecasting and expectations.  We set all of that aside, at least for a short time, because today is a day for greatness.

As all Cardinal fans know, Stan Musial, the greatest Cardinal of them all, is in Washington today to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in this country.  He’s surrounded by a stellar group of honorees including former President Bush (#41) and Bill Russell.  For a majority of the country, though, Stan overshadows them all.

Bernie Miklasz is with Stan and his family, covering the story for the Post-Dispatch.  He’s filed a couple of stories already, one with Stan’s ties to the White House and his visits there, which is an interesting read, but I think the better story is his reflections on Stan and how he so richly deserves the honor that he is to receive.

As Bernie points out, we don’t know how many more times we’ll see Stan the Man on a public stage.  When you get to 90, that happens.  We hope Stan is with us for many more years, but we are realists as well.  The fanbase went through it with Jack Buck, expecting but still grieving his passing.  We know we will have to do it with Stan as well, but we hope that day is still a long way off.

While we have him, though, we need to appreciate him.  Today’s honor goes a good distance in that direction.  If you want to watch the ceremony today (12:30 PM Central time), you can find it over at KSDK’s website.

One can only hope that a couple of negotiating parties are watching today’s ceremony, reflect on what Musial’s legacy is to this team, and be inspired to get something done.  Even if they aren’t, though, the rest of us will be inspired by Musial, both the legend and the man.

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