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I’m proud and thrilled to announce that we at have merged with one entity and formed a partnership with another that we feel will enhance your experience while bringing you terrific new content from our friends at The Baseball Gauge and Dan Hirsch, founder and sole contributor to The Baseball Gauge, has built a fantastic website that features Win Shares (WS), Win Shares Above Bench (WSAB) and Wins Above Replacement (WAR) for every season and player in Major League Baseball history, from 1871 to 2011 (that’s right, it’s updated throughout the season). Of course The Baseball Gauge includes traditional stats as well, but the real fun comes from the lists that can be created using Dan’s sort and query features. Those are just some of the reasons I’m proud to have Dan and The Baseball Gauge part of the Seamheads family.

Let’s say you want to put together a list of top WAR marks from 1950-1959, broken down by position. No sweat!

All 1950s Team (click image to enlarge)

Or perhaps you want a closer look at Wade Boggs’ career. Easy enough!

Wade Boggs' Batting Chart

Wade Boggs' WAR Chart (click image to enlarge)

Or maybe you want to see a list of the top switch-hitting WAR producers among modern-era second basemen. Piece of cake!

Top WAR Producers Among Switch-Hitting Second Basemen of the Modern Era

There are far too many options and features for me to describe here, so I encourage you to take a look at the new The Baseball Gauge @!

We’ve also added a toolbar from that will allow you to interact with us on different social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This is from their website: “Integrating all social networks and communications channels into a single, simple-to-use solution, Meebo enables users to easily share content and communicate in real time with the people who matter to them.” Indeed! You can share your favorite Seamheads articles and videos with your friends, check out our latest tweets or tweets from those who’ve written about us, “Like” us on Facebook, see our latest Facebook activity, Stumble us, Digg us, you name it! And there’s more coming down the pike, so stay tuned.

We hope you enjoy the latest we at Seamheads Featuring The Baseball Gauge and The Baseball Gauge @ have to offer, and we hope that you’re as excited as we are that you can now find us all at the same place. The two websites will maintain their original styles and color schemes for the time being, but they’re very much part of the same family and housed under the same roof. Thanks for hanging out with us!


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