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Out of the Park Baseball 12 Available Now!

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OOTP 12Now Batting: Out of the Park Baseball 12! Own the Greatest Baseball Sim We’ve Ever Shipped For Just $39.99!

Swing, batta, batta! Sa-wing, batta! The baseball season is underway, and now you can launch your digital version of the annual pennant chase in Out of the Park Baseball 12, the most comprehensive version yet of our best-selling, critically-acclaimed baseball simulation game. And at just $39.99, it’s cheaper than a ticket at a typical big league ballpark. (Unless you want to sit in the cheap seats.)

OOTP 12 had Ruben Lipszyc so psyched that he couldn’t wait until he had time to write a full review – he just had to jump on his blog and proclaim “Best game ever!” just hours after downloading his copy. (Note the 3:49 AM time stamp.)

We bet you’ll be just as excited, especially when you find out what OOTP 12 has in store for you!

We’ve already told you about many of its great new features, but we had a few surprises up our sleeves in the final few days before release:

Player development screen

This is a new screen that lets you see your current player development budget (an optional view), your top prospects, and your organization’s positional depth chart. There are multiple ways to configure this, such as only showing all prospects or basing the rankings on current ability or potential.

OOTP 12 Royals

Improved injury system

We have improved the injury system to make it more realistic (i.e. delayed injury diagnosis) and added retro-active disabled list assignments and rehab assignments to the minor leagues.

League newspaper

Grab a cup of coffee and relax with the new league newspaper screen. See what’s happening around your league in one handy place. You’ll even discover a few interesting things along the way, including leader boards, historical information, and team power rankings.

OOTP 12 News
League finances projections

Forget about having to simulate multiple test seasons to figure out if the financial settings for your fictional league were going to work. We’ve included a new Financial Settings tab on the league setup screen that will let you quickly see average team revenue and payroll, other expenses, and overall profit and loss. Now custom finances are a snap.

Automatic calculation of league total stat output modifiers

This was another example of tedious trial-and-error to get the desired result. Now if you want your league’s stats to match reality with a margin of plus or minus 2%, all you have to do is enter your desired league totals, hit a button, and watch as OOTP 12 quick-sims the season while automatically adjusting the league total modifiers. This feature is automatically applied in historical leagues, which means our historical sims are more accurate than ever!

And that’s in addition to all the other awesome new features in OOTP 12:

2011 Major League Rosters:

Here’s a treat: the best roster set we’ve ever included, from the big leagues’ top stars to the guys making their debuts in rookie leagues. Our roster sets only exist thanks to the hard work of our rosters editing team, so we’d like to take a moment and tip our caps to them. Thanks, guys.

All players are individually rated with updated statistics and realistic contract data. Last year’s top draft picks are included too. Could Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg, with the veteran leadership of newly-acquired All-Star Jayson Werth, help propel the Washington to the top of the National League East in coming seasons?

OOTP 12 Adrian Gonzalez
Revamped Financial System

Philadelphia shook the baseball world this winter when they signed top-flight free agent pitcher Cliff Lee, despite expectations that he would opt for the highest bidder. Now you can do the same with OOTP’s recoded player contract negotiations, which are more realistic and fun. Don’t forget to stay on top of the latest free agent signings and other news in the new off-season center, and keep your finger on the pulse of your team’s finances with an improved view.

Contract possibilities are now more realistic, including vesting options, buyouts, minor league split contracts, signing bonuses and more performance bonus options.

We have even added reserve-clause era rules for early historical leagues.

OOTP 12 Finances
Recoded International Scouting

We have completely recoded the international scouting in OOTP 12. Instead of just setting a budget, you can now send your scouts to the countries you select! But spend your money wisely: high-profile baseball countries are much more expensive to scout than obscure ones. Will you discover the next living legend?

OOTP 12 International Scouting
Online Leagues

We’re proud to support Official OOTP Online Leagues with a full-featured interface inside OOTP 12. With just one click, you can join a team, and creating a league is just as easy. Commissioners can make their leagues public and advertise open teams, with the ability to accept or deny requests from would-be GMs.

Online leagues offer several key advantages:

  • League files are patches rather than full-size files, saving plenty of up- and download time.
  • Reports can be saved in MySQL databases, increasing their upload speed.
  • Forget about FTP: team data exports and imports work through the database. That results in improved compatibility and security for the league web site server.
  • An export tracker.
  • The promise of more great features to come, including online drafts and trades.

Greater Immersion and Realism

Historical leagues benefit from improved AI and real life transactions and as-played lineups as optional features. Thanks to OOTP’s sophisticated game engine, you’ll be able to enjoy the most realistic historical simulation results possible.

In addition, storylines have been expanded and news presentations have also been revamped, making you feel like you’re part of the hectic 24-hour “better stay on top of this” news cycle that dominates today’s sports reporting.

In-Game and Core Engine Changes

Like a manager constantly seeking ways to get the most out of his lineup, we’re always tinkering under OOTP’s hood. Here’s what you can look forward to this year:

  • Recoded parts of the in-game AI, making it the most challenging ever in an OOTP game.
  • Improved Play-by-Play commentary
  • Improved in-game sound, adding better quality sound files and more variation.
  • Improved player evaluation AI, resulting in more realistic AI roster moves.
  • Recoded parts of the trading AI.
  • Recoded parts of the main scouting engine.
  • Improved injury and recovery system.
  • Added complete history for all coaches.
  • Added the ability to save a game in progress and resume it later.
  • Added optional confirmation questions after substitutions in-game, preventing mistakes.
  • Added the ability to lock a player to a certain minor league level when the AI is in control of your minor league system.
  • Added a new player development screen, including an organizational depth chart presentation.
  • Added the option to have established international free agents enter the market during the offseason.
  • Added WAR (Wins Above Replacement) as a statistic.
  • Added a playoff roster for more realistic team transactions.
  • Greatly enhanced the world database structure, resulting in more realistic fictional league and player creation.
  • Added a simulation module, allowing you to match up two teams from the same league for a set number of games and see the simulation results. This is great for research purposes or just for toying around. For example, how would the 1927 Yankees fare against the 2004 Red Sox?

Out of the Park Baseball 12 is the best baseball game we have ever produced. What are you waiting for? Get your copy today and guide your favorite team to glory!

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5 Responses to “Out of the Park Baseball 12 Available Now!”
  1. Paul Dunn says:

    Just curious but two or three years ago many considered Diamond Mind Baseball to be the best simulation game. Any idea what happened ?

  2. Mike Lynch says:

    I’m not sure, Paul, but I’m guessing people want something more visually appealing these days. I haven’t played DMB in years but when I did, it was just text and numbers. Has it improved visually over the last decade? Here’s a funny story about DMB, though. My friends and I were in a league in 1997 and I had Ken Griffey Jr., who went on to hit more than 70 homers in the simulation. We all laughed and thought it was a bit ridiculous and unrealistic. The very next year, Mark McGwire hit 70 and Sammy Sosa 66, so apparently DMB foresaw Maris’ record being broken, but had the wrong guy doing it. I found it humorous, though, that we discounted Griffey’s simulated home run total as overinflated only to watch McGwire do virtually the same thing on a real diamond in ’98.

  3. Paul Dunn says:

    I think DMB was sold, it does have an online version, but I think the game still lacks the visual package that OOTP has.


  4. If you like baseball simulations, there are a couple of free browser-based games at baseballcentury.com and rapidstatsbaseball.com.

    Baseball Century uses fictional players and Rapid Stats is based on real-life players. I like them – but I’m biased because I wrote them. ;)

    Good time-wasters for work.

  5. diamondreplays says:

    I have been immersed in a Diamond Mind baseball project for a few years. The computer version is still around, and was upgraded last year. The play-by-play is amazing, and can really pull you into the game. It does appear that the new owner (who was interesting in making money on the online version) has abandoned the computer version. The developer and sales staff have left, and the game is supported by a dedicated group on the Fans of DMB forum. The likelihood of a future upgrade appears to be slim to none…and slim just left the building.

    DMB is considered more of a managerial game, and OOTP is more of a general manager game. But with the latest edition of OOTP, the managerial aspects of the game are moving closer to DMB. As much as I enjoy Diamond Mind Baseball, I purchased OOTP12 because it now includes historical lineups and transactions. I’ve only had time to kick the tires and set up a 1901 historical replay. I’m only in spring training, and I can tell this game is AWESOME. Well worth the price of admission.

    As I continue to tinker and learn my way around OOTP, I hope to set up another web site to share my experiences. Anyhow, for now, DMB is still around. But unlike DMB, OOTP has a future and is moving in a direction that will appeal to DMB players.

    A Second Time through the Order

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