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Enjoying the All Star Game

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This past Tuesday night, I anxiously hurried home from work in anticipation for the 2011 MLB All Star Game. I even prepped before hand – picking up dinner and taking the dogs for a nice long walk so that I wouldn’t have any interruptions during the game. I got myself situated, logged on to twitter and Facebook and then it began – the massive amounts of complaints.

Let me start by saying, I understand if baseball is not your thing… but don’t sit on the internet and voice how annoyed you are with the drawn out intros or long innings. If you aren’t aware, baseball doesn’t run by a clock and if you prefer your sport to do so, then there’s always the option of football or basketball.

Also, please refrain from complaining about how its a “worthless” or “meaningless” game. I think most purists and die hard fanatics would prefer that the game actually have no real meaning other than being able to see a crop of the best players in baseball represent the two leagues while playing in the ultimate fantasy showdown. The only reason why meaning was awarded to the game was so that casual fans would be enticed to watch, thus raising television ratings to gain a larger profit for the business. If the purists and addicts had our way, we’d much rather watch for the pure enjoyment of seeing the elite baseball talent on the same field, battling for merely bragging rights.

I also understand that not everyone is happy with the choice in broadcast talent. Although we should know what to expect with Joe Buck and Tim McCarver at this point, we still have our opinions are rightfully awarded so. Along with that, Chris Berman has been the voice of the Home Run Derby, literally since the year I was born. So after 25 years, his “back, back, back, back, gone!” calls should pretty much be engrained as a tradition for the derby. Yet again, both twitter and Facebook were consumed with Buck and McCarver hate fests as well as Berman’s over-reaction to every ball hit over the wall. There is always room for improvement, so what will make us happy? Instead of complaining we can try to instill some new ideas. The power of the web even urges us to share ideas amongst each other. Write to FOX and let them know your candidates.

Go on twitter, like @thebaseballcube and post an idea of your own:

This of course prompted me to ask my followers who they’d prefer hosted the games. Most said Vin Sculley, Bob Uecker, or even Pat Hughes. So what if the fans voted on broadcasters? Obviously other factors come into play, like who they are employed by or if FOX can get rights for that, I’m not sure of the specifics. But the point is, it’s an idea. My favorite quote that I live by is “If you don’t like something, then change it. If you can’t change it, then change your attitude.” I don’t expect everyone to jump on board and just agree with me, but I also question why you complain about something if aren’t willing to do something to change it?

My Facebook status last night probably was a bit dramatic but at the same time I was annoyed with the consistent amount of complaints clogging my news feed. So, yes even I succumbed to complaints for a little while but then took my keyboard skills to twitter and decided to opt for others opinions on improving the events.

It would be thrilling if this were a perfect baseball loving world and we could have an All Star Game based on pure love of the game, showcasing the best talent while still being competitive. Yet, as Americans we need it to mean something in order to have an interest in it. And baseball needs the mass audience to care so that the ratings are high and top dollar is generated. But, that’s business. There is never going to be one solution to suit the masses but there are areas of improvement, I am sure. Whether there are improvements or not, it’s an annual occurrence we should learn to just appreciate for what it is… a spectacular game of baseball with the players we voted in. Sometimes it doesn’t need to be perfect… it just needs to be enjoyed for what it is.

Take care all & happy baseball life,

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