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Clearing The Bases

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The 2011 World Series has certainly been memorable.  Whether it’s Albert Pujols hitting three HRs
in a single game or phone gate when Tony LaRussa couldn’t get Jason Motte
warmed up in the bullpen during Game 5, not like we’re going to forget this
series anytime soon.  Let’s see what else
is going on throughout baseball.

The Boston Red Sox have certainly made a lot of
news since the end of the regular season, replacing both their manager and
GM.  They are still negotiating with the
Chicago Cubs over what the exact compensation should be for Theo Epstein, but
they aren’t in the greatest of bargaining positions as the smear campaign they
have orchestrated against Epstein means there is no way he is ever coming
back.  The Sox also seem to want a yes
man as their next manager, preferring someone who will toe the company line rather
than have someone who might have their own ideas.  They did receive some good news however as SP
John Lackey will miss the entire 2012 season due to Tommy John surgery.  Yes, I did say good news as Lackey may have
been behind a good deal of the clubhouse problems that the Sox had this season
and there is no way they could  have him
back on the club next season.  At least
now they don’t have to worry about him until 2013, and won’t have to eat a
major portion of his contract to deal him.


The National League Central could look awfully
different next season if Brewers 1B Prince Fielder and Cardinals 1B Albert
Pujols both leave their respective teams via free agency.  Hard to imagine Pujols leaving especially
after the World Series, but Fielder’s departure is a foregone conclusion.  Seems unlikely that the Yanks or Sox will
make a move for either player, which makes you wonder who the biggest
contenders will be.  Toronto has made
plenty of moves this year but it seems unlikely they will sign a huge ticket
free agent, think they may have had enough with Vernon Wells and Alex
Rios.  Baltimore would seem to be a fit,
but would either player want to go in that direction, change leagues to play on
an also ran team.  Texas might have the
cash but has a hard enough time finding ABs for the players on the current
roster.  The Angels will have Kendry
Morales returning and may have found a future star in Mark Trumbo.  No one is going to Seattle.  Washington seems to have the money and the
ability to make a big free agent signing this off-season, and may actually be
an up and coming team, but I just can’t see either player in a Nationals
uniform.  Mets don’t have the money to
sign Jose Reyes.  Apparently the Cubs
have decided they won’t bid on either player.
The Dodgers certainly have the need, but that ownership is a mess.  Perhaps the Yanks will get involved, but what
does that mean for Jesus Montero or maybe the Red Sox don’t re-sign David Ortiz
opening up the DH slot, should be an interesting free agent market for both


Have to wonder if CJ Wilson played himself out of
a huge big money contract with his subpar performance in the playoffs.  Have to wonder if the Yankees will back out
of giving another big money deal to a pitcher.
They still have to give CC Sabathia some kind of extension after he opts
out, and there has to be some concern that he will break down before that
contract ends, do they really want to give big money to Wilson when his
performance in big games is in question and either way he is not a true number
one, someone will give him a nice pay day, have a feeling it’s back in Texas.


The Phillies decided not to pick up the option for
either Roy Oswalt or Brad Lidge.  Not
really a shock as Philly might want to cut some payroll.  Lidge is not the same pitcher he was, doesn’t
seem to have fully recovered from the arm injury he suffered last season and
Oswalt just wasn’t all that effective.
Oswalt has stated a few times that he has no interest in pitching in the
AL which will limit his suitors as well, especially if he wants a multi-year


After the World Series is over, it will be another
long cold winter.  Spring training can’t
come soon enough.


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