September 26, 2021

World Series 2011 Observations

October 29, 2011 by · 2 Comments 

  • The 2011 World Series will be remembered as a great one despite an anti-climactic Game 7.  Before that there were 4 nail-biters plus Albert Pujols epic game and an unforgettable game 6.
  • If ever there was a team of destiny, it’s the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals. Future regular season and World Series comebacks will be measured against what the Cardinals did this year.
  • The only time the Cardinals were ahead in game 6 was at the end.
  • Game 6 had 6 home runs and 5 errors and the Rangers had 3 pitchers charged with blown saves.  None of their 7 relievers escaped unscathed.
  • Hunter Pence would have caught the ball that Nelson Cruz should have had on David Freese’s game tying triple.
  • Where would the Cardinals be without Lance Berkman?  He could possibly join Albert Pujols (and former teammates Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell) in the Hall of Fame.
  • Aside from his 5-hit game, Pujols had only 1 hit in the other 6 games.
  • I can’t recall seeing so many right-handed batters hit to right field as in the post season this year.
  • In game 6, Joe Buck talked about Jaime Garcia as a potential pinch-hitter for two innings before he realized Garcia had been the starting pitcher.
  • Michael Young is a better designated hitter than a first baseman.
  • Will Ruth Ryan still be this pretty when she is 75?
  • I thought it was great that no Eastern Division team, including the three biggest spenders were not in the World Series.
  • In the 17 years of Divisional Play, 10 wild card teams have played in the World Series and the Cardinals are the 5th team to win it.
  • How drunk do you have to be to get tattoos on your neck?
  • The state of Texas came within one pitch (twice) of having the best and worst teams in major league baseball this year.


2 Responses to “World Series 2011 Observations”
  1. Austin says:

    Excellent observations, Bill! Being an Oriole fan, my first thought on that 9th inning double was “Nick Markakis catches that ball.” I would add to your list that the Cardinals won in spite of Tony LaRussa and not because of him.

  2. Mike Lynch says:

    I tweeted “Dewey Evans would have had that.” I think everyone who watched that play probably thought the same thing about their favorite right fielder—“(Blank) would have had that.”

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