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Off The Beaten Basepaths

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It appears quite possible that the Hagerstown Suns, Bryce Harper’s home for the first half of the 2011 season, will be moving to Winchester, Virginia. The Suns of the South Atlantic League had hoped that the city of Hagerstown would either significantly renovate Municipal Stadium or replace it all together, but that hasn’t happened. The stadium was built in 1930 and at least for now, is the third oldest minor league park in use in the country.

For a video history of Municipal Stadium, please check out the new YouTube series, Off the Beaten Basepaths. This first installment, not only looks at Municipal Stadium, but at the nearby grave sites of two Hall of Famers, Nellie Fox and Hack Wilson.

There are many baseball sites and treasures throughout the country, many of which are hardly publicized at all. Off the Beaten Basepaths will do its best to find them and bring them to you!

–Austin Gisriel


Austin’s latest work is 3 Tales From the Grand Old Game available for Kindle and all other e-readers including simple PDF files. Visit www.austingisriel.com for details on how to order.

P. S. Because I live in Maryland, these installments will be East Coast-centric–that is unless some wonderful sponsor wants to step up and increase my travel budget, which currently stands at approximately zero dollars.

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