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Spring Training, Here We Come!

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Ah, spring. The time when a young man’s fancy turns to baseball, especially if that young man is now 55 years old.  Hope is springing eternal in training camps across Arizona and Florida and fans up north are dreaming that this is the year for their favorite team. Don’t you wish you could go to Spring Training? Well, you can’t. You have to stay home and go to work or go to school. As men of leisure, however, we don’t have to and therefore, we ARE going to Spring Training.

Long-time friend, but only recently retired Al Smith and I are departing Hagerstown, MD for Bradenton, FL on March 1st and coming back when the money runs out. We grew up in Baltimore and while the Orioles train in Sarasota, the home of the Pirates is cheaper.

Two items grace our itinerary. First, we plan to play ball–at least a game of catch–in every state through which we travel, starting with North Carolina. (We’ve already hit Virginia and plan to play in West Virginia this summer.) Second, we plan to watch as much baseball as possible anywhere the spirit of Boots Poffenberger so moves us on any given day.

Brian Wilson says, "Take me to Florida where the mushrooms are even bigger!"

We really do feel bad that you’re stuck in that cubicle dreaming about baseball in the warm Florida sunshine, but take heart: You can e-dream through us. You are invited to join us, at least vicariously, by following our Spring Training Pilgrimage via Twitter @AustinGisriel and via the blog at www.austingisriel.com  and if I have something really intelligent to say, and the time to edit it properly, I’ll post that to Seamheads.

We will post photos, some video, the injury report (because we’ll travel in the car for 6 hours and then get out and play for 90 minutes without stretching), the restaurant report, and any other reports we think you would enjoy so that you can start planning your own trip for next year! In fact, I’ll send an e-book copy of 3 Tales From the Grand Old Game, my latest collection of baseball stories, to everyone who “signs up” to come with us between now and Saturday, March 3. Simply post a comment in the comment section below. (Give me time to send them, however. I’m packing for a trip, you know!)

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