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This Ain’t Your Uncle’s Slide Show

April 1, 2012 by · 1 Comment 

When I was a boy, the latest in home entertainment technology was not a 60″, HD, surround-sound television, but the Kodak Carousel slide projector.  This bit of click-clacking wizardry was hardly entertaining, however, because invariably, Uncle Bob and Aunt Sally would invite you and your family over to view the slides from their latest vacation on the night that The Wild, Wild West was on which meant that you and your family had to endure 10,800 slides of the stalactites and stalagmites of Mammoth Cave. About 800 photos in, Uncle Bob discovered that there was a slide out of order and he spent the next hour trying to correctly arrange them only to find that he first replaced the wayward slide upside down, turning a stalactite into a stalagmite and then after supposedly correcting that mistake, he realized that he had put it in backwards. Then he put it in upside down and backwards and by this time even your patient mother was trying to stick her head into the carousel in the faint and desperate hope that it would sever her jugular thus, bringing a relatively quick end to her misery.

Don’t worry. My slide show of our trip to Spring Training in Florida is only 7:54.67 minutes long.  That’s short enough so that you can watch it at work without your boss catching you. So go ahead, click play, and join us on our Florida vacation. I promise that none of the slides are in backwards.


One Response to “This Ain’t Your Uncle’s Slide Show”
  1. Don Hoover says:

    Really enjoyed the slide show. It made me want to dust off my old
    glove, and find someone to play catch with. That was until Mary had
    other plans for me since I was off. She needed me to do some yard work.
    I wish it it was at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. My job was to fertilize
    our home field. Not as nice as the fields that you and Al played on, but
    when the umpire told me to take the field, I thought to myself, if I
    wanted dinner, it would be a good idea. Looking forward to opening day,
    but even more so to seeing a keys game with you. Will be in touch so we
    can make arrangements. In the meantime, say hello to Al for me and take

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