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When Is The Fan Going To Think About These Things?

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“They are governed by private associations or corporations by a minimum number of promoters or sports clubs or both classes, to promote, sponsor and organize a sport and will boost programs of public and social interest”.

The above is the concept of “League”, so it cannot include the Negro Leagues as this kind of association—simply the name of the black circuits as a major league is so fraudulent if comparing the Black Yankees with the Bronx Bombers by name or because they played as tenants of the famous stadium when the calendar of the Major Leagues permitted.

But if the Negro Leagues can not be considered as such, how is possible that the chroniclers of baseball from almost all places call the “Cuban League” the Castro Nationals Series?

Their own dictator eliminated that word from the “revolutionary dictionary” and called it a “national series.” Even when they are critical of Major League Baseball, using phrases like “their Championships, bad so-called big leagues,” expressions frequently used by Cuban sportswriters who are very close to the Castro ideology of Miami.

The tyranny that suppresses “league” in Cuba hates that word and they do not use it anymore, because it’s “a word enemy, imperialist.”

Until the debut of Alexeiv Ramírez, many people believed that baseball played in Castro’s Cuba was the worst in the history of the country, but the shortstop for Chicago questioned this reasoning, because he never played in the minor leagues and was adapted to the game in the majors in less than three months.

Today, the Cuban is one of the best in the American League and possibly of the two better hitters at the position…

How could you accommodate major league pitching without ever playing as a professional?

In the National Series the pitchers do not know how to change their speed or throw knuckleballs nor screwballs or palmballs… however, Ramírez was not affected by the situation.

In the last six years, Castro baseball has broken down as expected for a thousand reasons, all created on purpose by the regime, lost international series at all levels against an opposition that is not Triple-A, but Ramirez almost denied the decline of the game in the island with his success in major league baseball.

A miracle of Providence? No, the Cuban wasn’t the best baseball player nor integrated team of Castro in international events as a regular.

Orestes “Minnie” Miñoso could not do so well nor Tony Oliva nor Leo Cárdenas nor Luis Tiant, Tani Pérez, Canseco or Palmeiro…Then, What happened?

The complexity of the question is multiplied with the application of the same treatment to Yoenis Céspedes, who has responded better than Ramirez, because he began batting without any respect for the major league pitching.

I will say my opinion: this form of behavior of a Cuban player could be “a rare case,” even because Ramírez did it better than Winfield when was promoted without professional experience to San Diego.

But the emergence of a second case, Yoenis Céspedes, gives naked reality to the bigger and monumental fraud ever thought about the Major Leagues.  Baseball in Cuba, despite Céspedes and Ramírez, is a mess.

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