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Get Well Soon Mariano Rivera from Mariners Nation

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I vaguely recall seeing the young Rivera pictured above for the first time during the 1995 playoff series with the Yankees. Rivera did not become the closer for the Yankees till 1996 but he did see action in games 2,3 and 5 of that thrilling playoff match-up that was perhaps the highlight of my many years as a Mariners fan. After that through 2002 we had sort of a rivalry with the Yankees that was intense and often featured Mariano Rivera coming in to close games with that wicked cut fastball of his that has made the “Sandman” the All-Time greatest closer with 608 saves and an incredible 42 saves  and 0.70 era in the playoffs.


So despite the serious injury to his knee with a torn ACL Mariano today declared “I am coming back,” Mariano Rivera said Friday afternoon in the New York Yankees clubhouse. “Put it down. Write it down in big letters. I’m not going down like this. God willing and given the strength, I’m coming back.” Rivera is 42 years old and after 18 years in the show it is going to take every ounce of the strong faith and some hard work to get him back on the mound again, but if he says he is coming back I believe him.


And as much as I hate losing to the Yankees despite being the grandson of Gordon Rhodes who started his career with the Yankees, I am hoping and praying he does come back. Mariano Rivera is good for the game of baseball not only because of what he can do from the mound but the way he carries himself and by the example he shows to our young people as to what it means to be competitive and yet still have some humility and respect for the game.


By the way I decided yesterday to stop in New York on my way  to Casablanca for a meeting with other Maritime Union officials this September and today I bought a ticket for a game at the new Yankees stadium on September 16th. Somehow I have a hunch that Mariano or at least his spirit will be stirring around the stadium along with all the other ghosts from the deep and rich Yankees past including my grandfather. One thing is for sure though I may not be a Yankee fan so to speak, I have some Yankee blood in my system that is calling me back to the Bronx just like Mariano Rivera. Get well soon Mariano were all rooting for you! GoM’s!

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