September 26, 2021

There Are Things That “Go Bad”

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A few days ago, almost the entire Media declared a “national holiday with extension to the Caribbean” because a game is decided by Alex Rodriguez.

But, when Albert Pujol hits his first home run of this campaign, after 111 times at bat without producing one, the scandal must have been heard on the moon. As much as I look in books, newspaper, magazines…I have not seen anything similar, since 1995, anything as ridiculous and exaggerated as this presentation, so why is it happening today?

Because the press knows least, because the heroic character is absent from the grounds of major league baseball, because these guys only earn more, but have less class and much less heart than those of the “good old times”, because we are in front of a game that ceased to be a national pastime and mirror for children and youth. Frequent scandals and questions raised about two newly-minted icons manufactured in organized baseball offices and chemical laboratories, who will spend more time talking to legal representatives of the Prosecutor’s Office than enjoying their families after they retire.

A few days ago died, at the age of 81, Bill Skowron, the first baseman for the Yankees during the Ford-Berra – Mantle era of the legendary club in the Bronx.   Possibly, “Moose” decided more games than together Alex Rodriguez and Pujol because during the 50’s, the feats, the glories, had to accomplished and achieved on the basis of the necessary courage with the decency and the professional class more strictly mandatory.

Skowron was not a star like Mantle and Berra, but was a player who put his grain as a contribution, much more than generous in the maintenance for 10 seasons of the baseball empire. Although his death was reflected in relevant sites, it is a shame and a lack of respect for a home run from someone who is already down the slope of stardom, or a game decided by another which does not have the courage to lead the Yankees has enjoyed much more importance than the disappearance of a real hero from unforgetable era, at least for the pastime, which are elevated to the free category of gods when they are almost clowns in the Olympus of lies.

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