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Off the Beaten Basepaths #5: Lefty Grove’s Home Town

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Lefty Grove was born in the mountain town of Lonaconing, Maryland which is the focus of this installment of Off the Beaten Basepaths. Lefty was the American League’s Most Valuable Player in 1931 and his trophy resides in the George’s Creek Library in Lonaconing. It’s the only MVP trophy not in private hands or at the Hall of Fame. Lefty returned to Lonaconing after his playing career was over and he is buried in nearby Frostburg, MD. View the video below for the Lefty Grove tour, and visit author David B. Stinson’s Deadball Baseball for even more Lefty Grove sites in and about Lonaconing.


5 Responses to “Off the Beaten Basepaths #5: Lefty Grove’s Home Town”
  1. Don Hoover says:

    Great to see another Off The Beaten Base Paths! I have looked forward to it for some time. Glad that your friend David could assist you. I would love to sometime come with you when you tape one in the future, and offer any assistance you may need. Again, looking forward to Frederick which is right around the corner. See you soon, take care.

  2. Austin says:

    Thanks, Don! You and I will definitely have to find something to do together. What I really need is someone from MLB Network to like the series and provide a crew and a decent budget!

  3. Tammy Wilkinson says:

    @Don Hoover – I am sorry to tell you…this information is wrong …..Lefty Groves was born in Gilmore ,Maryland ( just outside of Lonaconing ~ the adjoining town ) My Aunt and all my relatives new his mother his grandmother and they moved to Lonaconing ,Md. when his father got a new job which meant for the area ..a bigger home and nearer to the stores in LONACONING , Md. You could also check in the courthouse in CUMBERLAND MAryland where all the correct documents can be found .. Iw as alwasys told as a young child about LEFTY GROVES and was always introduced to his FAMILY ,Relatives & friends …which by the way in our small communities ..we all seem to be related one way or another …glad to help ….LOL

  4. Austin says:

    Thanks for the clarification, Tammy. All the references that I found give Lefty’s birthplace as Lonaconing. In any case, it’s a nice town that we enjoyed visiting.


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