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The Daily Stream: #WhoYagot

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It is Saturday and today I am taking a second look at my daily transaction leagues and seeing where I need to make up some ground and in what categories I need to target. I like to first do this on Wednesday or Thursday and then look again on Friday night or Saturday morning.

Something to keep in mind—some leagues do not allow same day transactions so don’t go making claims for players that are starting on Saturday but won’t be active on your roster until Sunday. It is a common mistake. KNOW YOUR RULES.

Some good fish in the stream today are:

Bartolo Colon: Who knows what you’re going to get, but anyone facing Houston will probably be good for your K’s. EVERY starter that has faced Houston so far in 2013 has set career highs in strikeouts so that’s reason enough for me to stream Bartolo. Get him in there.

Bud Norris: If ERA and WHIP are extremely close you may want to be on the safe side and not hook Bud, but Oakland is normally a nice matchup for pitchers and Bud Norris is a good K pitcher. If you have a very difficult call I am leaning towards streaming him. Matchup plus K’s. He should not blow up your ERA and WHIP so in most cases he is a strong stream. Bait and hook Bud today vs Oakland.

Shelby Miller and Julio Teheran: Both of these guys should be on rosters so I am hesitant to even include them in this list today, but if they aren’t I would have felt remiss leaving them off. Miller faces SF which is not an offensive juggernaut and Teheran faces the Cubs, also hardly murderers row, and both pitchers have high K potential and strong teams that could also get you those elusive W’s. So if they are available hook em and hope as inexperienced SP they can come up big for you today.

Phil Hughes: Tough matchup in Detroit and coming off some back issues during spring training. If you’re desperate he “could” provide some K’s and a W, but facing Detroit could also go the other way, and be ugly and backfire on you. If ERA and WHIP are safely in hand or impossible to win then worth a gamble; if not I would pass on Phil.

Trevor Bauer: Great matchup against the soft hitting Rays and the Cleveland offense has been on fire so far this season, so I like everything about this kid’s opportunity to boost your weaker categories with one caveat—he is a rookie who struggled in the little MLB exposure he has had so far. My only consideration for not picking up Bauer today and slamming him into my lineup is who you need to release to make room for him. It looks like Kazmir “could” be back next week so this is probably a one and done for Trevor unless you can afford to carry him for 3-4 weeks or even 6-8 depending on how things play out. Otherwise, strong stream candidate today.

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