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Seamheads Podcasting Crew Fantasy League

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Perhaps there should be age-appropriate fantasy baseball leagues, the real world equivalent of over-fifty baseball leagues. Some of the Seamheads writers play in those leagues I know–not to name names. Bill Gilbert and I ventured forth this season as the wise sages of the Seamheads Podcasting Crew fantasy league. We are likely a few years older than the other owners and we cut our teeth on conventional fantasy leagues more than twenty years ago, when the craze was just talking hold in the population as a whole.  Neither of us had played a Yahoo head-to-head league previously, so there was a bit of a learning curve.

I like to think of Bill and I much the way the New Yorker depicted this year’s iteration of the New York Yankees. There was Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter pushing forth with walkers, and the other marquis names of prior years were in wheel chairs and on crutches. The only difference is that Bill and I are not really that old. We look a bit more mature because we have lived life hard and fast, taking no prisoners. This old coot thing is an elaborate ploy and we intend to take just as many prisoners in the Podcasting League as we have in life. Sorry fellas, we will be traveling fast. It’s a quick and painless end.

It is not a new approach truthfully. We have lured the younger set into believing we are a little less savvy than they when it comes to these electronic gadgets. Bill was particularly effective when he asked the rest of the league how to set up his team for “head-to-head.” Like the hare in the famous fable, the rest of the league was so busy guffawing that they forgot to answer him. However, Bill quickly set his first week’s lineup and shifted players with the best of them and as you can see, he did not fare too poorly for someone whose walker needs some oil.

We don’t like to talk smack; it is for young punks (Bill and I have a body full of tatoos, by the way). But I do believe it is imperative to point out that the geriatric set have taken the early lead among the Seamheads Podcasting Crew. As I have mentioned to my fellow Nationals fans, the season is very young and it is long. No, Stephen Strasburg has not looked like a Cy Young winner yet, but really who has? Matt Kemp and Edwin Encarnacion will pass the Mendoza line in the coming week or two. I think that is a safe bet. And I will wager that Mike Trout’s stolen base totals will rise quickly at some point in the near future.

Still, there are trends, and there are trends. It would have been nice to spot the young guys a bit of a lead and then roar past them in the home stretch with the wheel chair going like a bat out of hell, but it’s only fair to put them on notice early.

So don’t dawdle youngsters, the race is to the swift. My walker has an electric motor and a defib unit. I am ready for any eventuality. I can bounce back from the dl in no time. Let’s get it on!!  Let’s play two!!

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