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The Kid from Santa Barbara

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Hey baseball fans!

I’m sure you know who has the most career home runs (Barry Bonds with 762), who has the most career wins (Cy Young with 511), and who has the longest consecutive hitting streak in baseball history (Joe DiMaggio with 56). However, do you know who holds the record for most games played in as a pitcher in baseball history? I’m sure Mets fans of the 1980s know but, in case you don’t, let me tell you some things about Jesse Orosco.

Orosco, like I said before, has played in the most games as a pitcher in baseball history, totaling a whopping 1,252 games appeared in, from 1979-2003 with the Mets, Dodgers, Indians, Brewers, Orioles, Twins, Cardinals, Padres, and Yankees (funny, he played the same years as Rickey Henderson). Orosco is probably most famous for winning three games of the 1986 NLCS for the Mets to send them to the World Series. In that Series, Orosco finished off the Sox in the ninth of Game Seven to secure the second World Series win in team history. Other than those moments, his career is pretty average: a two-time All Star, 144 career saves, an ERA of 3.16 and a WHIP of 1.263. However, he is deeply loved by Mets fans, who received an elite reliever for most of the ’80s.

All in all, Jesse is not in the Hall of Fame, but I don’t think anyone will come close to his record of most appearances as a pitcher in baseball history. He was a great closer and should be respected for his work on the mound.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading. Check back in a couple of days for more of “all the buzz on what wuzz.”


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