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Cast Your Vote For the 1916 All-Stars!

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The Voice of the Fan Will Be Heard!
Vote For Your 1916 Midseason All-Stars!
The Greatest Baseball Games Ever Played in July!

1916The 1916 All-Star Series, a three game extravaganza pitting the greatest base ball players the world has ever known against one another, will be played July 14 through July 16 at the palatial Comiskey Park in Chicago, Ill.  Here is your chance to vote for the players you want to play in that series.

Vote for one player at each position and three pitchers for both the American and National League.  Their midseason statistics will be available for you on the ballot: runs, hits, total bases, home runs, stolen bases and batting percentage for hitters; wins and losses, earned runs per nine, hits and runs and earned runs given up, walks allowed and strikeouts achieved for pitchers.  This information will help guide your decision as to which ballplayers will be the most deserving to prove the superiority of their League.

Make your voice heard!  Vote for your favorite stars to-day!OOTP


Go here to cast your vote:

Voting closes 9/27/13 at 3:00am east coast, 12 midnight west coast.

Game will be simmed and the box score and game account posted on the following week. 

A new season’s All-Star contest will be voted on, simmed and posted every two weeks until we’ve completed the 1932 All Star contest.

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Chuck Hildebrandt, Chairman of SABR’S Baseball and the Media Committee


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