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September 23, 2015


Yogi Berra was not a baseball player.  He was an American treasure.

Lawrence Peter Berra grew up in St. Louis, served in World War II, played on some of the best baseball teams of all time in the 1940s, 50s and 60s and was not just a Hall of Famer but represented the good, the fun, the sweet, the innocence and the pride that all sports should have.

Some players (though not many) were better, but none were more beloved…even if you hated the Yankees.

Thanks, Yogi. Thank you, thank you, thank you. –TK





3 Responses to “Yogi”
  1. You could not grow up in the 1950’s and not come to love watching Yogi. So true, even if you hated the Yankees, you loved Yogi. The book on Driving Mr. Yogi is one of my favorite sports books of the last few years for all of its emotional connection to him. A very sad day.

  2. Arne says:

    I looked up Yogi’s stats, and also his long rift with Steinbrenner after he got fired as Yankees manager in 1985. He was ejected from more than 20 games as player and manager. I think beneath the goofy philosopher image, there was a pretty stubborn and combative fellow, who didn’t back down if he thought he was right.

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