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Help Select a Negro Leagues Centennial Team!

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From my friend Jay Caldwell at NegroLeaguesHistory.com:

The Centennial of the founding of the Negro National League will be upon us before you know it—February 13, 2020. Among the ways we are planning to commemorate this occasion is by honoring a Negro Leagues Centennial Team with a BOBBLEHEAD of each player.

You can help us.

Follow the link below to our poll to select the best Negro Leagues Players (Negro Leagues and pre-Negro Leagues only; no MLB or MiLB) of all time.
The planned team will consist of 27 individuals – on average about twice the size of a Negro Leagues team. You will be asked to pick:

10 pitchers
2 catchers
3 corner infielders (1B 3B)
3 inside infielders (2B SS)
5 outfielders
1 utility player
1 best remaining player
1 manager and
1 owner

We will publish the results and incorporate your feedback in our selections limited by contract considerations.

We expect the first bobblehead to be available in December 2018 followed by two per month until February 14, 2020 – the Centennial of the founding of the Negro National League.
In addition to guiding our selection of the Centennial Team, we hope this poll serves an educational purpose by highlighting the skills and contributions of these often overlooked players.


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