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Negro Leagues Game of the Day on This Date in 1928 (April 30)

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Monday, April 29, 1928 – Birmingham Black Barons at St. Louis Stars. The Stars have won the first 2 games of the 5-game series. This was the only scheduled game of the day.

Here are the starting lineups:

Birmingham Black Barons
1. George McAllister, 1B
2. Chuffy Alexander, 3B
3. Roy Parnell, LF
4. Geechie Meredith, 2B
5. Sandy Thompson, CF
6. Bill Perkins, C
7. Reuben Jones, RF
8. Willie Owens, SS
9. Robert Poindexter, P

St. Louis Stars
1. Cool Papa Bell, CF
2. Branch Russell, RF
3. Willie Wells, SS
4. Mule Suttles, 1B
5. Wilson Redus, LF
6. Cewey Creacy, 2B
7. Michtell Murray, C
8. John Henry Russell, 3B
9. Logan Hensley, P

This may be the most lopsided “Game of the Day” we will see, as St. Louis pummeled Birmingham 20 to 2. The Stars had seven doubles and three home runs among their 22 hits. Branch Russell went five for five, Willie Wells was four for six with a double and home run, and Mule Suttles hit two home runs, including one that CLEARED the left field Car Barn.

On the mound, Slap Hensley went seven innings and would have had a shutout going if not for an error by Frog Redus. Tuck Turner mopped up the last two innings. Poindexter was relieved after giving up 12 runs in four innings. Sam Streeter was hit almost as hard, giving up 8 runs in four innings.

NOTEABLE: The Stars will score 17 or more runs eight times in 100 games in 1928. Seven of those eight will be at Stars Park.

Original Stars Park Location

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