April 10, 2021

Negro Leagues DB Update: 1924 NNL Fielding & Pitching + 1921 Tesreau Bears

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A brief note on an update we made a few weeks ago. We have added:

1) Fielding statistics, full pitching statistics, and batters’ hit by pitch for the 1924 Negro National League, along with games involving one new independent team, Charlie Mills’s St. Louis Giants;

2) 1921 games between Black teams and a very good white semiprofessional team, Jeff Tesreau’s New York Bears. Playing their home games in Harlem’s Dyckman Oval, the Bears featured a number of former or future major leaguers (Tesreau himself, Larry Doyle, Manuel Cueto, Herb Kelly, Curtis Fullerton, Paddy Smith), minor leaguers (Bobby Crowell, Tommy Taguer, Paul Dietz) and well-known New York-area semipros (the brothers Willie & Frank Kelleher, George “Shorty” Page, Cy Curran). The Bears, probably the equivalent of a good minor league team, went 20-17-4 against Black teams in 1921.

Coming up: 1924 ECL fielding & complete pitching stats, 1939 NNL & NAL fielding & complete pitching stats, more games between Negro league teams and white majors & minors, more Mexican League & Cuban League seasons.

Jeff Tesreau’s New York Bears in 1921, from Thomas Smith’s book Paddy Smith: Dexter Park’s Eternal Firebrand (courtesy of Scott Simkus). Top row, L to R: Walter Simpson, Jeff Tesreau, Dan Tierney, Paddy Smith, Willie or Frank Kelleher, Bobby Crowell, Harry Wolters, Tommy Taguer. Bottom row, L to R: Willie or Frank Kelleher, George Page, mascot, Paul Dietz, Manuel Cueto, Curtis Fullerton.




2 Responses to “Negro Leagues DB Update: 1924 NNL Fielding & Pitching + 1921 Tesreau Bears”
  1. Barry Deskins says:

    Mr. Peterson—I cannot tell you what a fantastic job have and are doing. As a white man from Appalachian Coal Fields, I have witnessed racism at it’s worst and when I was younger I may have been less apt to speak up, however that has greatly changed as my godson is African-American as is his mother, but both were born in Kenya, but Martin speaks better English than I do. I have long been a fan of the Negro Leagues though due to the location where I live my ability to do proper research was pretty much non-existent until I first got a computer back in 1999. I grew up playing baseball, but a lot of the research that I have done has been on early African-American boxers from roughly 1890 through up to today, but my favorite period is between 1890 and 1950 and like baseball, so much discrimination and blatant racism was faced by some of the greatest fighters that ever lived. Such as Sam Langford, who is among my top 5 all-time favorites along with “Barbados” Joe Walcott, Ali, Roy Jones Jr. and early white fighter Terry McGovern. I just wanted to write to let you know that I am a fan of yours and what a wonderful job you continue to do and I so, so hope that in the very near future the Negro Leagues will get the proper respect and recognition that they truly earned! Sincerely, Barry Deskins

  2. Gary Ashwill says:

    Hi Barry, thanks–we appreciate your kind words. By the way, the Database is compiled & maintained by me (Gary Ashwill) & Kevin Johnson, in collaboration with Larry Lester and other researchers.

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