June 16, 2021

A Fond Farewell to The Baseball Gauge

February 3, 2021 by · 9 Comments 

Hello, friends and fellow Seamheads. As some of you have noticed our partner site, The Baseball Gauge, is no longer around. This has been in the works for a while, but only because our good friend and genius behind the goodness that was The Baseball Gauge, Dan Hirsch, has moved on to bigger and better things.

He was hired by Baseball-Reference.com and a lot of his work on The Baseball Gauge will eventually be featured there or already has been. We’ll miss his site and working with Dan, appreciate his design and valuable contributions to our databases, and wish him nothing but the best.


9 Responses to “A Fond Farewell to The Baseball Gauge”
  1. AceWrigley says:

    Well crap. The Baseball Gauge was one of the best baseball web sites ever.

  2. JD says:

    Oh no! Is there any other site on the web that publishes win shares?

  3. Mike Lynch says:

    Not that I’m aware of but B-R.com might add them eventually.

  4. Mike Lynch says:

    I couldn’t agree more which is why I reached out to Dan when I first discovered his site and asked if he wanted to join forces. I’m going to miss The Baseball Gauge as much as anyone.

  5. Jeffrey Larick says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! The Gauge was my favorite website, yes, even over B-Ref, and here’s why:

    1) It had links to other websites that B-Ref doesn’t
    2) It listed Win Shares that B-Ref doesn’t
    3) It listed defensive metrics using Michael Humphrey’s DRA which B-Ref doesn’t
    4) On B-Ref when you try to sort players all time by WAA, for example, it doesn’t let you include both position players and pitchers on the same list. There’s a list for position players, there’s a list for pitchers, but never the twain shall meet. The Gauge let you do a list of ALL players combined regardless of position played although you could also sort it by position.
    5) It let you sort players not by where they were born, which B-REF does, but by where they went to high school, a much better look at what states are producing talent wise.

    The Gauge was SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH better than B-Ref in a lot of ways. To lose this data is a disaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s been a death in the family…..

  6. Joe Garrison says:

    The Baseball Gauge was a terrific site with a layout that was SECOND TO NONE.

    Please, for those in the know and the power to do so, please do what you can to bring it back.

    I was working on a project involving selecting All Stars for a pretend game from the start of the American League until the very first All Star Game. I was just starting, got to about 1905 or so, and dang, The Gauge went away.

    Please bring it back! — Joe Garrison, Williamsport PA

  7. Mike Lynch says:

    Sorry, Joe, but The Baseball Gauge is now owned by Sports Reference and I doubt they’ll bring it back. I know they plan on incorporating some of Dan’s work into Baseball-Reference.com, but I have no idea what data or when.

  8. Paul Cunnee says:

    I NEED my baseball Gauge Fix! I can’t find it anywhere at Baseball Refrence!
    I’m having STATHEAD withdreawl pains!

  9. Joe Garrison says:

    There should be a Baseball Gauge page over on Baseball Reference if you ask me. There is nothing like asking a sorting question and having the answers come out with the players stationed on the page shaped like a baseball diamond. That was so pleasing to the eye. And the whole site was very very user friendly.

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