July 6, 2022

Andrew McCutchen – Three Steals From Some Exclusive Company

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Andrew McCutchen

Andrew McCutchen

Last month, the Milwaukee Brewers signed 35-year-old free agent, Andrew McCutchen. In 2021, McCutchen hit only .222 for the Philadelphia Phillies but belted 27 home runs and had 80 runs batted in.

If McCutchen can steal three bases in 2022–he stole six in 2021– he will become only the 32nd player in Major League Baseball history to have more than 250 home runs and 200 stolen bases in a career while scoring more than 1,000 runs and having a career batting average higher than .260.

Currently, McCutchen’s stat line reads (home runs/stolen bases/runs scored/batting average) 270/ 197/1053/.280. That’s a very nice career.

The other players to have reached those career numbers are:

*Aaron, Henry 755/240/2174/.305

Abreu, Bobby 288/400/1453/.291

*Bagwell, Jeff 449/202/1517/.281

Baylor, Don 338/285/1236/.260

Beltran, Carlos 435/312/1582/.279

*Biggio, Craig 291/414/1844/.281

Bonds, Barry 762/514/2227/.298

Bonds, Bobby 332/461/1258/.268

Braun, Ryan 352/216/1080/.296

*Brett, George 317/201/1583/.305

Canseco, Jose 462/200/1186/.266

*Dawson, Andre 438/314/1373/.279

Finley, Steve 304/320/1443/.271

*Henderson, Rickey 297/1406/2295/.279

*Jackson, Reggie 563/228/1551/.262

*Jeter, Derek 260/358/1923/.310

Kinsler, Ian 257/243/1243/.269

*Mays, Willie Mays 660/338/2068/.301

*Morgan, Joe 268/689/1650/.271

Pinson, Vada 256/305/1365/.286

Ramirez, Hanley 271/281/1049/.289

*Robinson, Frank 586/204/1829/.294

Rodriguez, Alex 696/329/2021/.295

*Sandberg, Ryne 282/344/1318/.285

Sanders, Reggie 305/304/1037/.267

Sheffield, Gary 509/253/1636/.292

Soriano, Alfonso 412/289/1152/.270

Sosa, Sammy 609/234/1475/.273

*Walker, Larry 383/230/1355/.313

*Winfield, Dave 465/223/1669/.283

*Yount, Robin 251/271/1632/.285

*-Denotes Baseball Hall of Famer

Mike Trout needs to score 33 runs to make the above list. Trout’s career stat line currently reads 310/203/967/.305.

If you add additional statistical criteria such as having 2,000 hits, McCutchen needs 172 to reach 2,000 (currently he’s at 1,828), and that would eliminate these players on the above list that fell short of 2,000 hits:

Ian Kinlser 1999 hits

Ryan Bruan 1963 hits

Bobby Bonds 1886 hits

Jose Canseco 1877 hits

Hanley Ramirez 1834 hits

Reggie Sanders 1666 hits

If McCutchen can reach 1,000 RBIs (currently at 933), that would eliminate Ian Kinsler who had 909 RBIs, Hanley Ramirez who had 917 RBIs, and Reggie Sanders who had 983 RBIs.

McCutchen’s career comes up short for induction into Cooperstown, but by making the Major League Baseball’s 2010s All-Decade team, winning a league MVP, finishing in the top three of MVP balloting three times, being a five-time All-Star and winning a Gold Glove award, he’s certainly worthy of being inducted into the Pittsburgh Pirates Hall of Fame and his playing career appreciated a bit more.

John Baranowski is a sports historian and contributor to newspapers, sports publications, and sports websites. This and other articles written by him can be found on his blog:  https://johnbaranowski.wordpress.com/

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