September 24, 2021

Vamos: Let’s Play Beisbol

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Hey baseball fans! I decided to put up a blog in tribute to when baseball used to be played in the Olympics. Baseball is currently not an Olympic sport (it was last played in 2008), but I wanted to tell you guys about a pitcher from Cuba who dominated the Olympics every time he was […]

A cincuenta años de aquel Campeonato Mundial de Béisbol Juvenil. (That Baseball Juvenile Championship fifty years ago)

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Siempre que seguía los torneos de béisbol amateur a comienzos de los años setenta terminaba con el mismo sabor cáustico en la boca, la representación cubana se llevaba todos los honores, por lo general derrotando a la novena venezolana en las instancias culminantes.

Cuban Relaxation

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Cuba and Puerto Rico are never as close as when Pudge and Livan Hernandez are Nationals battery mates.  Rockies’ manager Jim Tracy said watching the two seasoned pros, “It’s like they are playing catch in the park.”  They are two of the most senior players in the game and still two of the most fun […]