September 18, 2021

Negro Leagues DB Update: 1908 & 1909 Negro Leagues

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The 1908 season saw the emergence of a national scene in black professional baseball.  Two important eastern teams, the Philadelphia Giants and the Cuban Giants of New York, made trips to the Midwest, their most notable opponent being Rube Foster‘s new powerhouse, the Chicago Leland Giants.  The Cuban Stars of Havana spent significant time in […]

Hasta siempre “Carrao” Bracho. (The former venezuelan pitcher José Carrao Bracho passed away at 82).

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Lo recuerdo con el uniforme anaranjado de las Águilas del Zulia en un juego dominical por la mañana. En esa época trabajaba como relevista y en esas labores consiguió su triunfo 109 que lo ubica como el pitcher con más victorias en la Liga Venezolana de Béisbol Profesional.  Nunca supe el porque de su apodo. […]

“Havana Heat” by Darryl Brock

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Fans of Darryl Brock will find much to admire in his novel Havana Heat. It is very reminiscent in feel and tone to his classic If I Never Get Back and its sequel Two In the Field. There is no time traveling in this novel but it is a  travel back in time. The hero […]