June 21, 2021

The Pine Tar Game

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Hey baseball fans! A while back, I got the chance to interview Graig Nettles, a Yankee great and a member of the 300 home runs club. What I did not mention in that post was something he did that helped create one of the oddest, most interesting, and controversial moments not just in the history of […]

Arguably the Greatest Single Game Performance by a Player in MLB History

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Hey baseball fans! Like I said in my post about pitchers who can hit, pitchers can smack the long ball. But was there ever a pitcher who hit a homer and pitched a no-hitter in the same game? The answer is yes, there were actually three, but only one pitcher pitched a no-hitter and hit two homers in the […]

The Hitting Version of Sandy Koufax

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Hey baseball fans! There were many stars in baseball in the 1940s and ’50s that came out of the Giants, Cardinals, Braves, Yankees, Red Sox and Tigers. But this post is about a very underrated Hall of Famer who played mainly on the Pirates. He had a very short career, but is considered one of […]

NJBM Kids’ Hot Korner: Mike Schmidt

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Hey baseball fans! I just put up my latest post in the Kids’ Hot Korner section of New Jersey Baseball Magazine.  This one is extra special, since it’s about my all time favorite player, Mike Schmidt. If you’d like to read the article, just click here. And tune in again real soon for more of “all the buzz […]