October 21, 2021

Kid Bloggers Interviews Red Sox Legend Frank Malzone

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Hey baseball fans!I have another fun interview for you today. This one is with Red Sox third base legend… Frank Malzone! I know that he’s not the most talked about person in baseball history, but he was really good in the 1950s and ’60s. Because he’s not that well known, let me tell you a little […]

No-Hitters on the Road

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Like every Mets fan my age, I’ve only been waiting since 1962 for their first no-hitter. Well, that might not be accurate. In those early years there were few illusions about the potential of any Mets pitcher to pitch a no-hitter. We weren’t like the fans of the expansion Montreal Expos in 1969, who got […]

Juego perfecto: ¿Arte o circunstancia? (Perfect game: Art or circumstance?)

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Existen muchos momentos de un juego de béisbol cuando pueden estar ocurriendo tantas cosas a la vez que quienes se quejan de la lentituddeljuego se llevarían la mano a la barbilla. Un juego perfecto. 27 bateadores. 27 outs. En fila. El gran logro de todo pitcher. El sueño de cualquier aficionado. Es la situación ideal […]

Fun Facts about the 19 (no, 20) Perfect Games in MLB History

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A while back I completed a project of chronicling most of major league baseball’s perfect games. What fun is that if you can’t make out a list of trivia about the games? So yes, the following list (updated to include Braden’s feat, and Halladay’s) is trivial—but then, much of life is trivia, and sometimes trivia […]