December 19, 2018

Help Select a Negro Leagues Centennial Team!

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From my friend Jay Caldwell at The Centennial of the founding of the Negro National League will be upon us before you know it—February 13, 2020. Among the ways we are planning to commemorate this occasion is by honoring a Negro Leagues Centennial Team with a BOBBLEHEAD of each player. You can help us. […]

From the Archives: “The Mysterious Floating Sensation”

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The following was originally posted on October 6, 2008 and an abridged version appears in Baseball’s Untold History: The Wild Side published by Summer Game Books in 2017. Did he or didn’t he? That’s the question. Eddie Cicotte is widely recognized as the inventor of the knuckleball, earning his nickname “Knuckles” around 1908, his first […]

From the Archives: Gone Fishin’—The Sobering Case of “Shufflin’ Phil” Douglas

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The following was originally published on the site on June 23, 2009. When “Shufflin’ Phil”1 Douglas arrived on the baseball scene in 1910 at the tender age of 20 he brought with him size and a fastball impressive enough to draw comparisons to Walter Johnson’s. Douglas, a product of Cedartown, Georgia, was a big man, […]

From the Archives: Punch Drunk—The Art Shires Story

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The following was originally published on this site on May 18, 2009. Former major league first baseman Art Shires was many things; dapper, over-dressed, well-spoken, loud-mouthed, confident, cocky, entertaining, clownish; a hard drinker and a harder fighter. But was he also a murderer? A Dallas District Attorney thought so and charged him with that crime […]

From the Archives: Bob Lemon and the Hall of Fame

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(Editor’s Note: The following was first published on this site on January 21, 2008.) A couple days ago Dr. Michael Hoban posted an article about strange Hall of Fame voting in which he wondered why Bob Lemon was suddenly regarded as a better pitcher than Allie Reynolds in 1972 after Reynolds received more votes in […]

From the Archives: Harry Lunte—The Man Who Tried to Replace Ray Chapman

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On August 16, 1920 the Cleveland Indians prepared to take the field against the New York Yankees to start a crucial three-game series at Yankee Stadium that pitted the first-place Indians against the third-place Yankees. Cleveland was a mere four percentage points ahead of the Chicago White Sox in the standings; New York stood within […]

From the Archives: Touring the Bases with…Jim Bouton

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“You see, you spend a good piece of your life gripping a baseball and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time.” Former major league pitcher Jim Bouton ended his controversial book Ball Four with those lines in 1969 and the nation has been in his grip […]

Cieradkowski Provides New Artwork to

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Our good friend, award-winning artist, and author Gary Cieradkowski has generously allowed us to feature some of his artwork on the site and we couldn’t be happier. Gary launched his fantastic web site, The Infinite Baseball Card Set, in early 2010 and it boasts more than 230 hand-drawn cards. His book, The League of Outsider […]

From the Archives: Remembering Denny Galehouse

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The following was originally published on October 18, 2007. Tuesday night’s game reminded me of another tough decision a Red Sox manager had to make about who to pitch in a crucial game. Terry Francona chose rested, but still not completely healthy veteran knuckleballer Tim Wakefield to face the Indians in Game 4 of the […]

Book Review: “Baseball’s Most Baffling MVP Ballots”

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For years I’d toyed with the idea of writing a book about Most Valuable Players and MVP ballots, mostly because one hadn’t been written in a while—or at least to my satisfaction—and none that I was aware of used stats like Wins Above Replacement or Win Shares to compare players. I was also curious to […]

From the Archives: Cup of Coffee—Cliff Lee

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If you’ve hung around this site you’re no doubt familiar with our “Who, You Ask?” series of articles which celebrates the careers of largely forgotten ballplayers who fashioned excellent careers but slipped through the cracks of our collective memory. Every once in a while, however, I run across players who I’m unfamiliar with whose careers […]

Out of the Park Baseball 18, an Official Licensee of, MLBPA, and, Now Available Worldwide

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Follow-up to Metacritic’s 2016 PC Game of the Year features a new Challenge Mode, Online Profiles and Leaderboards, real 2017 major and minor league rosters, historic Negro League teams, improved 3D mode, new tournaments, and much more Out of the Park Developments, an official licensee of, the MLBPA, and, today announced that Out […]

OOTP 18’s First Digital Cover to Feature the Perfect Team

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Out of the Park Baseball 18 announces the Perfect Team Digital Cover Contest Out of the Park Baseball 18, an Official Licensee of, MLBPA, and, will feature a Digital Cover for the first time, highlighting baseball’s “Perfect Team” of 11 top players at each position and the top Manager in baseball – as […]

OOTP 18 to Include Seamheads Negro Leagues Database!

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Out of the Park Baseball 18 Releases Worldwide on March 24, 2017 Follow-up to Metacritic’s 2016 PC Game of the Year features a new Challenge Mode, Online Profiles and Leaderboards, real 2017 major and minor league rosters, historic Negro League teams, improved 3D mode, new tournaments, and much more OOTP 18 Available For Pre-Order Now […]

Touring The Bases With…Mark Armour and Dan Levitt

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Mark L. Armour is the author of Joe Cronin: A Life in Baseball, the editor of The Great Eight: The 1975 Cincinnati Reds, and a coeditor of Pitching, Defense, and Three-Run Homers: The 1970 Baltimore Orioles, all available from the University of Nebraska Press. Winner of the 2015 Bob Davids Award from the Society of […]

Of Baseball, Booze and Bodies—“Mystery Ball ’58: A Season-Long Whodunit”

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“Tough to make out a dead body when it’s covered in peanut shells and Royal Crown Cola. But there it was.” That’s how Jeff “J.P.” Polman’s baseball murder mystery, Mystery Ball ’58: A Season-Long Whodunit begins and from there it’s a wild ride full of…well…mystery and intrigue that expertly mixes real life characters from the […]

“Baseball’s Untold History: The People”

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PRESS RELEASE: Founder and President of Launches Baseball History Series Summer Game Books Releases BASEBALL’S UNTOLD HISTORY: THE PEOPLE by Michael T. Lynch Summer Game Books launches a new series of baseball history books from Michael T. Lynch, the founder and president of beginning April 8, 2015 with the first volume: Baseball’s Untold […]

Remembering Jennifer

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This article first appeared on on March 2, 2009, a little more than three years after my sister’s tragic death, and will be re-posted here every year on this day, her birthday, with slight modifications. My sister would have been 44 today. But for the senseless act of a coward who took her life […]

MLB Ballparks Database Updated With Data Through 2014!

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We at are proud to announce another new update of the MLB Ballparks Database, created by co-founder Kevin Johnson and designed for the Internet by Dan Hirsch, fellow Seamhead and founder of  And this year’s version includes fantastic new data! The database includes the following through the 2014 season: Descriptive data […]

“A Million Dollar Deal”

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It’s been almost 50 years since the Cincinnati Reds dealt Frank Robinson to the Baltimore Orioles.  Here’s an article I wrote almost seven years ago that examines that historic trade. December 9, 1965: Reds right fielder Frank Robinson to the Orioles for Milt Pappas, Jack Baldschun and Dick Simpson. When Cincinnati Reds owner Bill DeWitt […]

Tales From the Deadball Era Fun For All

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When I learned that Mark Halfon’s Tales From the Deadball Era: Ty Cobb, Home Run Baker, Shoeless Joe Jackson, and the Wildest Times in Baseball History had been released I couldn’t wait to crack it open.  I wasn’t disappointed.  Rather than chronicle the Deadball Era (1901-1920) in chronological order, Halfon takes a different approach and […]

MLB All-Star Game In Memoriam 2014

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From my buddy Sully: “Fox couldn’t pay tribute to Tony Gwynn or any other baseball great who passed away recently. This video pays respect to the Hall of Famers, All Stars and other baseball stars who have died since the last All Star Game.” Enjoy!  

1932 All-Star Game: Simmons, Grove Carry Junior Loop to Win Over National League

May 15, 2014 by · 2 Comments 

SIMMONS, GROVE CARRY JUNIOR LOOP TO WIN OVER NATIONAL LEAGUE “Bucketfoot Al” Belts Three-Run Homer HOGAN WOWS FANS WITH LONG CLOUT PHILADELPHIA, July 12.—The Philadelphia Athletics gifted the Phillies Shibe Park for the afternoon so it’s no surprise that a trio of A’s carried the American League past the Nationals in today’s All-Star game by […]

1931 All-Star Game: Trio Leads American League To Victory Over Nationals

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TRIO LEADS AMERICAN LEAGUE TO VICTORY OVER NATIONALS Grove, Kress, Cronin Star For Juniors FERRELL BROTHERS FORM LATE-GAME BATTERY DETROIT, July 14.—In what can be described as a quick-paced and mostly clean contest, the American League edged the National League today at Detroit’s Navin Field by a count of 5 to 3, although the game […]

1930 All-Star Game: National League Outslugs Americans In Homer-Filled Contest

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NATIONAL LEAGUE OUTSLUGS AMERICANS IN HOMER-FILLED CONTEST Klein Swats Two Four-Baggers For Seniors  VANCE, WALKER COMBINE   FOR SIX HITLESS FRAMES BROOKLYN, July 8.—Phillies slugger Chuck Klein took advantage of a stiff breeze blowing toward Bedford Avenue and carried the National League’s offense on his back for the first three innings of the seniors’ 8 to […]

1929 All-Star Game: Junior Loop Wins Second Straight All-Star Tilt

March 29, 2014 by · 2 Comments 

JUNIOR LOOP WINS SECOND STRAIGHT ALL-STAR TILT, REGAINS LEAD IN SERIES Combs, Foxx Lead Swatsmiths  TEAMS COMBINE FOR 17  RUNS AND 32 SAFETIES ST. LOUIS, July 9.—The Americans and Nationals battled to a 5 to 5 tie through four and a half frames before the juniors pushed four more across the dish in the bottom […]

1928 All-Star Game: American League Embarrasses Nationals In Queen City Rout

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AMERICAN LEAGUE EMBARRASSES NATIONALS IN QUEEN CITY ROUT Manush Poles Out Four Hits AL HURLERS HOLD SENIORS TO THREE SAFETIES CINCINNATI, July 10.—A gray Cincinnati day became even darker for National League supporters when American League sluggers knocked Dazzy Vance from the hill in the second inning with an eight-run outburst that effectively ended the […]

1927 All-Star Game: Pitchers Dominate As National League Holds Off Junior Circuit

February 20, 2014 by · 1 Comment 

PITCHERS DOMINATE AS NATIONAL LEAGUE HOLDS OFF JUNIOR CIRCUIT Vance Fans Five AL Swatsmiths WANER BROTHERS LEAD SENIORS AT THE DISH WASHINGTON, July 12.—In what can be compared to a Shakespearean tragedy, some of the greatest sluggers to ever grace a ball diamond were forced to ply their trade in cavernous Griffith Stadium and the […]

1926 All-Star Game: National League Drubs Americans 11 to 5 In Sloppy Contest

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NATIONAL LEAGUE DRUBS AMERICANS 11 TO 5 IN SLOPPY CONTEST Herman and Blades Star SIX-RUN FOURTH PUTS GAME OUT OF REACH ST. LOUIS, July 13.—In a game marred by slapdash fielding and a bushel of free passes handed out by American League hurlers, the National League, led by Pirates skipper Bill McKechnie, tied up the […]

Retroactive All-Stars: Fun With Numbers

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With 13 retroactive All-Star games in the books over nine years (remember that 1916 and 1917 were three-game series), I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the outstanding and not-so-outstanding performances so far. If you’re looking for a hitter who has dominated the game’s elite pitchers, look no further […]

1925 All-Star Game: Junior Loop Shames Nationals In 19 to 5 Beating

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JUNIOR LOOP SHAMES NATIONALS IN 19 TO 5 BEATING Heilmann and Hale Contribute Four-Baggers in Fierce Assault RUETHER SUSPENSION UPHELD PHILADELPHIA, July 14.—As if the legion of walking wounded among American League players wasn’t large enough, junior circuit czar Ban Johnson dealt another blow by refusing to reinstate Washington Senators southpaw Dutch Ruether to good […]

Statement of MLBPA Executive Director Tony Clark regarding lawsuit filed against the MLBPA by Alex Rodriguez

January 13, 2014 by · 2 Comments 

New York, NY, Monday, January 13, 2014 … Major League Baseball Players Association Executive Director, Tony Clark, today issued the following statement regarding the lawsuit filed by Alex Rodriguez against the MLBPA. “It is unfortunate that Alex Rodriguez has chosen to sue the Players Association. His claim is completely without merit, and we will aggressively […]

1924 All-Star Game: Senior Circuit Makes Short Work of Juniors In 6-1 Victory

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SENIOR CIRCUIT MAKES SHORT WORK OF JUNIORS IN 6-1VICTORY Fifth Inning Circuit Clouts Highlight Tilt Vance Leads NL Mound Brigade In Brilliance CHICAGO, July 8.—In a contest celebrated for the All-Star debut of young Cubs catcher Charley Hartnett, it was a trio of Brooklyn Robins that propelled the National League to a relatively effortless victory […]

1923 All-Star Game: National League Claws Way To Victory In Front Of Record Crowd

December 27, 2013 by · 4 Comments 

NATIONAL LEAGUE CLAWS WAY TO VICTORY IN FRONT OF RECORD CROWD Ninth Inning Rally Stuns Junior Circuit Williams Homers Twice, Traynor Belts Titanic Clout NEW YORK, July 10.—More than 75,000 patrons walked through the gates of Yankee Stadium today to watch the mid-summer battle between the American and National Leagues, and at least 25,000 more […]

Willie Mays Aikens is Finally “Safe at Home”

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It was October 18, 1980 and Kansas City’s slugging first baseman, Willie Mays Aikens, had just made history when he blasted his second homer of Game 4 of the World Series, becoming the first player to enjoy multiple two-homer games in the same Fall Classic.  Although the Royals lost to the Philadelphia Phillies in six […]

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