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The Big Hitter Of The 50’s Decade, Musial

April 2, 2012 by · 2 Comments 

During the decade of the 1950s occurred what american baseball analysts named a “rise of the hitters”.

Running the racial integration, joined organized baseball with all the figures of importance included the Caribbean, guaranteeing the presence in major league baseball of sluggers as Mays, Aaron, Banks, Minoso, Clemente or Frank Robinson who, along with Williams, Mantle, Sievers, to Rosen, to Ashburn, Snider or Colavito, ensured the massacre on the pitching of both leagues. However, by the “intelligent control pitching” the hurler continued lead the actions.

The recovery of the “style” of the 1920s almost did the depressing spectacle of the collapse of the pitching as happened during the experiment steroids, simply, the return of the hitting to interesting levels and their coexistence of importance with the pitching made much more stronger the game, which not was affected by crisis that questioned the credibility of the permanence in the popular levels of interest as the 90’s and early 2000’s.

Between all the sluggers of class and prestige of baseball 50’s era, who was the best of all?

Numbers explains that, analizing the average ever almost religious answer, say the best batter of the 50’s was the immortal Stan Musial, for the excellence as belonging the top ten for departaments of each one of importance.

This guy should be placed among the five best all-time and narrowly is not selected to the Team of the Century, because to some, questionable and suspicious the amount of home runs with the help of the lab so they preferred, rather than embarrassing to the game story, when he should be immediately after Ruth, Foxx, Williams and tied with Gehrig as the better ever seen sluggers naturals, without steroids

With regard to the place where belong Stan Musial among the top ten, in addition to nominate the first, this is the proof of everything said:

Snider 326
Musial, 3rd, 266

Snider 1031
Musial, 3rd, 972

Ashburn 1875
Musial, 2nd, 1771

Musial, 1st.330

.569 Snider
Musial, 2nd.568

Snider 970
Musial, 3rd, 948

Musial, 1st, 356

Ashburn 82
Musial, 4th, 61

Musial, 1st.421

.989 Musial 1st

Ashburn 1523
Musial, 3rd, 1456


2 Responses to “The Big Hitter Of The 50’s Decade, Musial”
  1. Hank Gillette says:

    You seem to be only looking at National Leagues stats, although you talk about all of baseball. Ted Williams had a .476 OBP and .622 SLG in the 1950s. He doesn’t match some of the counting numbers, but he missed the majority of two seasons due to military service.

    Mickey Mantle also compares favorably to Musial in the 1950s, and his offensive WAR was 69.3 compared to Musial’s 51.9 despite Mantle not playing in the majors until 1951.

    I think Mantle or Williams was the big hitter of the 1950s.

    I hesitate to bring this up, but your articles are very difficult to read. They look as though they were written in another language and then translated by Google. I assumed that this was because English is not your native language, but I read some posts on your old blog and they are very readable, unlike the posts here, where I often have trouble understanding the point you are making.

    Perhaps you had someone editing the text on your blog and don’t here? This is unfortunate, because your topics are interesting to me, but reading the articles is often painful.

  2. andres pascual says:

    Dear Hank, I am pleased that guys decent and knowledgeable like you, read my work. I pledge to continue to improve my English. Greetings, Andres Pascual

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