December 1, 2021

The Big Hitter Of The 50’s Decade, Musial

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During the decade of the 1950s occurred what american baseball analysts named a “rise of the hitters”. Running the racial integration, joined organized baseball with all the figures of importance included the Caribbean, guaranteeing the presence in major league baseball of sluggers as Mays, Aaron, Banks, Minoso, Clemente or Frank Robinson who, along with Williams, […]

To Santa From Red Sox Nation

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Dear Santa; Please know we remain thankful for your gifts of 2004 and 2007. We also know that you are aware the Red Sox were bad in September and naughty to Tito upon his exit. We hope you know that we fans were good all season and the Sox pitching staff were naughty and Bobby […]

Hoy Todos Los Titulares Son De “Recuperaciones” (Today All The Headlines Are Of “Recuperation”)

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No hay noticia sobre cualquier equipo de Grandes Ligas que no contenga “se someterá a una intervención de… que le hará perder…”; o, “el club espera que los pueda ayudar, luego de la lesión por la que perdió…” En los reportes de los campos de entrenamientos de los últimos 20 años, se está más pendiente […]