June 6, 2023

Negro Leagues Game of the Day on This Date in 1928 (June 12th)

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Tuesday, June 12th – The Chicago American Giants visit the Kansas City Monarchs at Muehlebach Field: Here are the starting lineups: Chicago American Giants (13-15)1. Jelly Gardner, CF2. Stanford Jackson, 3B3. Jim Brown, C4. Reuben Jones, RF5. Pythias Russ, SS6. John Hines, LF7. Charlie Williams, 2B8. Lemuel Hawkins, 1B9. Owen Smaulding, P Kansas City Monarchs […]

Negro Leagues Game of the Day on This Date in 1928 (May 22nd)

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Tuesday, May 22nd – The Cuban Stars (West) are visiting the Chicago American Giants at Schorling Field. Here are the starting lineups: Cuban Stars (3-9)1. Bienvenido Jimenez, 2B 2. Cando Lopez, CF3. Francisco Correa, SS4. Esteban Montalvo, RF5. Luis Entenza, C6. Felipe Sierra, 1B7. Rogelio Alonso, LF8. Ramon Martinez, 3B9. Basilio Rosell, P Chicago American […]


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Most baseball fans are familiar with the concept of ‘normalizing’ statistics. For MLB statistics, the most basic adjustment is to normalize for park effects. The simplest park normalization calculation takes the impact of a team’s park on runs scored then divides that number, either positive or negative, in half, and then that calculation is applied […]

Black Ball, Both Real and Imaginary

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I’ve never been a huge fan of baseball fiction. The game’s natural mythology and unforgettable luminaries since the turn of last century is so rich and entertaining by itself that I never felt a need to delve into stories and characters separate from the real ones. I did make an exception for W. P. Kinsella’s […]